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June 7th, 2005

05:56 pm: Life as a Rock 'n Roll Slut

Well, joe_christ  and I just returned early yesterday morning from a long road trip to Dallas, Tx and Tulsa, OK. Joe's old band, Los Reactors, did a reunion gig in Tulsa. Tulsa is where they got their start. Turns out my bo really knows how to rock!! We started the trip by attending Joe's son's high school graduation in Dallas. We stayed with some friends there and got to hang out a bit....brindle  and Markpoisonkitty were very hospitable. I was disappointed not to hang out more with Brindle. She was feeling poorly and therefore, did not go out on the town with us. Next time we are in Dallas, we will definitely do some heavy partying! (Hope you are feeling better now Brindle!)

We then set out for Tulsa...which was only a 4 hour drive from Dallas. I had never been there so it was kinda cool getting to see the place. As soon as we arrived in Tulsa, Joe was scheduled for his first rehearsal with the band. He had not even seen these guys in over 20 years! I have to admit, I was a little nervous for Joe because he had not even picked up an instrument since 1996....and that was a guitar! Joe played a Farfisa organ with Los Reactors and I was worried he would have forgotten how to play. Of course, he played like he had never stopped. The guys rehearsed diligently for four days and by Saturday they were ready for their gig.

They played a placed called The Venue. The place was packed and they rocked!!! There was another band named Billy Joe Winghead that opened for them. Now that was a great band as well. It was quite interesting to watch them as they played a Theremin which I found to be pretty cool. In case you are not familiar with a Theremin, it is the device used in some old sci-fi movies to create the scary noises.

We stayed with some friends that we had never actually met until we arrived in Tulsa. Joe has been corresponding with a cat by the name of Wilhelm for the last 15 years or so but they just never had the chance to meet. He and his roommate Andy (who I absolutely adore!) put up with us for five days. They could not have been more gracious and cool to be around.

Another cat who I thought was just too cool was Screamin' Steve. He is the bass player for Billy Joe Winghead. Steve was gracious enough to take Joe and I out a couple of nights before the show. Now that guy is a trip! He really knows how to have a good time and he makes a mean jerky! I am telling you this is the best beef jerky I have ever eaten. If you want some good jerky, you should go to winghead.com and order a whole bunch of it! You won't be sorry. I am totally addicted to his meat!! (Smerk) I bet he gets that all the time! I am really disappointed we can't hang with Steve more often since he is 14 hours away!!! The good news is that he will be coming to Atlanta to do a gig in July and he and his wife, Sally, will be staying with us. You guys really should head out to the Star Bar and catch these guys on July 8th. They are a great band to hear and see! You just may get to see Steve's nipple tassels!

Joe is in the process of booking another show in Oct for Los Reactors in Tulsa. They have been asked to do a show for the Freakers Ball on Halloween. Can't wait to get to see everyone again in a few months.

Our next trip will actually be to NYC for another Los Reactors show which is scheduled for Friday, July 22nd. They will be headlining in the Dot Dash Festival. I expect this trip to be lots of fun as well. Living as a rock 'n roll slut certainly has its appeal........


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April 4th, 2005

11:40 am: Time to get in shape
Well, I have finally joined a gym. I have been threatening to do so for the last couple of months and have finally made it official. So far, I am off to a pretty good start. I went to the gym on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. The plan is to go every night, with the expectation that some nights work will prevent me from going. Always seems to be some kind of crap going on at work to keep me from my real life. I am really happy about the time change as well. Therefore, even if it's late when I leave work, it won't seem so late not being dark outside. Then, I will be more likely to keep up the exercise.  joe_christ  has been a real inspiration to me in getting this going and I suspect he will keep me motivated as he is so diligent in going himself. I joined the gym he attends, although it is extremely expensive, in hopes to have a motivated workout partner. One thing I have noticed is that there doesn't seem to be any riff raff in this club.  The members seem to have money and probably not much tolerance for any BS going on.  They also supply just about every toiletry item you could think of that you may need.  I am just tickled........hopefully over the next few months there will be less of me.  

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February 28th, 2005

01:18 pm: At last....the journal begins........

Yesterday joe_christ  and I spent a few hours at the motorcycle swapmeet held at Lakewood.  The attendance wasn't the usual with the rain.  We walked around shopping a while and looking for friends.  How is it that I have been around this crowd of folks since I was 17 years old, but hardly knew a soul??? It just amazes me how many new people are getting involved in riding.  And when did there get to be so many members in the Outlaws MC?? I remember when there was like 6 in the Atlanta chapter........There must have been 50 members there. I have been away and out of the loop way too long.  It just amazes me.....

Anyways....I am looking forward to the next motorcycle event on March 26th at the Alley Cat in Underground.  It's the First Annual Atlanta Biker Fest 2005.  It looks as if they have booked a lot of good entertainment.  I'm really excited about seeing if this event takes off!


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